AvatarUX launches an exciting new slot release nugget

AvatarUX, one of the leading names in iGaming and an award-winning game studio, invites players to try their luck by striking gold and winning exciting prizes. Its latest slot release, Nuggetpromises maximum fun and enjoyment of some of the best features on the market.

Fantastic features for greater winning potential:

The game incorporates features from the popular company Golden streetswhich increases the winning potential and keeps players on the edge of their seats throughout the entire game.

This set of features made its debut in the version of another famous company, The donkey and the goatsand quickly became a hit among gamers.

The crack is played on a 6×4 grid with a floating reel located above it, thanks to another popular feature, ZapReel. Each spin offers a minimum of 15,625 different ways to win a prize during the base game, and as the game progresses, the number of paylines may vary rise to 530,000.

If a Pay day symbolic lands, a feature of the Wild West It’s activated. Since there are three of them, HOTX Gunslinger, Mystery Symbols and Low Pay Removal, it is unknown which one will be activated. Each of them contains a different number of lives for the Free rideup to four, increasing the winning potential of the game.

If the HOTX Gunslinger the prize is activated, a special symbol will appear with a multiplier attached. The multiplier is worth as many as there are symbols on the reels. If the Gunslinger lands on the ZapReel, the total value of the multiplier increases further.

If the Mysterious symbols the reward is activated, the symbols covered in gold nuggets appear and create the win.

THE Removing low pay The symbol removes some symbols and leaves only the high-paying ones.

Free spins:

If at least three scatter symbols lands on the reels, the free spins round is started and the TAKE or GAMBLE wheel awaits. TAKE the wheel increases the number of payways and free spins, while Gambling wheel it can increase the prize, but also lead to the total loss of the bonus.

It also introduces the bonus round the gold rushand players are awarded extra spins and additional Gunslingers and Payday symbols.

In some jurisdictions, the winning potential of the game increases by XPRESS gaming optionas various bonus and ante betting options are available.

According to the source, Lara Falzon, CEO of AvatarUXShe said: “Nugget is a Wild West thriller that pushes players to the limit, with gunslingers galore filling the reels as players chase a maximum win of 25,000x. We want to create titles that really challenge what we’re capable of and Nugget sees us diversifying our portfolio of games and products again. With the new and innovative Golden Ways, we are offering our players a completely new experience and offering a new addition to our portfolio.”

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